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07/04  ACES  0   JDR Stars   1
21/04  ACES  1   M Tigers  3
25/04  All Stars  1    ACES  1
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Pos Team P W D Pts
1 Dondol Stars 30 20 6 66
2 JDR Stars FC 30 18 10 64
3 Baberwa FC 30 17 10 61
4 Dube Continental 30 17 3 54
15 ACES 30 8 1 25
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Pos Player Tot
1 Adolf 0 1 1
2 Ntanga 0 1 1
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Mpumalanga's fastest growing sports brand
Mpumalanga, home to 4 million people are proud to host it's fastest growing sports brand, the "AMAZAYONI" aka "MPUMALANGA BLACK ACES". With the growth in South African Football since mid-90s and the anticipation of Africa's first-ever World Cup, football heroes are being made in this paradise province. Founded in 1937 Black Aces the team grew from strength-to-strength during the 60s occupying the top half of the log and culminating in the early 80s with the domination of the BP Top 8 Cup. Today you will find this tenacious team fighting it out for top honours in the ABSA Premiership. The team boasts a worthy home grounds, professional club facilities and a team of dedicated professionals who carry out the daily duties of this prestigious club. Welcome to Black Aces!
Mass Following

On any given good day, the "AMAZAYONI" can out number those of big clubs such as Sundowns , Pirates and Bloemfontein Celtic. Stadium-filled crowds chant the "AMAZAYONI" anthem and form a "wall-of-support" behind their team in the ABSA Premiership encounters. Invading visitor grounds, the support for their "boys-in-blue" continue well past the completion of the game with entertainment from dancing youngsters parading their celebration of their beloved team. An electric atmosphere and a passion for football sees the fans come out in large numbers sporting flags, banners, Makarapa, Vuvuzela, caps, aprons, and various adornments reminding all of the reason why they are there... to LIVE FOOTBALL! A loud and clear message to their team that they are behind them no matter what. This fan base has grown out of a natural passion for the province and a sense of belonging and ownership in their team.

Taking our brand seriously

Having a powerful brand, means using it responsibly in the real world. Tackling the hard facts of life, the "AMAZAYONI" send a strong message out to it's youth on where it stands in the fight against our country's scourge. Having a solid message to the youth means being the ideal role model. Education, sport and social upliftment goes hand-in-hand with the objectives of Black Aces. To become a valuable export of the province and to carry with it a message of hope and prosperity for future generations to come. Black Aces takes its role as a football brand seriously and executes its branding strategy with powerful and inspiring vibrance.

Online presence of note

Embracing the latest technology, Black Aces have complimented their branding strategy with a powerful web presence putting to the test even the top PSL brands. Latest News, Updated Fixtures, Team Profiles, Logs, Top Scorers, Photo Galleries, Wall Papers, Weekly Newsletters and tons of prizes up for grabs attracts hundreds of thousands of hits on a monthly basis with the site maintaining an ever-growing email and mobile subscriber base.

Marketing and Advertising Contact Details

Now that we have given you a taste of things to come, its time contact PAPADI INTEGRATED MARKETING today to find out how your company can get involved in this remarkable Mpumalanga brand!

Contact: Grant Nicholls | info@papadi.com | www.papadi.com | (011) 022-5920